Who We Are...

Located in a suburban community, we are composed of people of all ages and life situations. We welcome this diversity and look for ways in which we can grow through the different expressions of our common faith.
We are a Catholic Community of faith, a family that strives to love each other unconditionally, as Jesus taught us. We are guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, sustained by sharing scripture, prayer, and the Eucharist.



Our Parish Staff

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Rev. Zachary Miller


Dc. Thomas Cuskey

Dc. Ralph Jahnige

Dc. Larry Messina

Dc. Michael RufYouth Minister

Parish Staff

Margaret Ostaszewski, Pastoral Associate of Volunteer Ministries

Kathy PrzytulaBusiness Administrator

Patti GaviganAdministrative Assistant

Joanne FinnOffice Assistant

Anthony MaioFaith Formation Coordinator

Barbara MessinaLiturgical Coordinator

Mark JachimMusic Director

Joelle ZarnowskiPCA Communications Coordinator

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