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PARENT INFO: In Sunday’s Gospel Jesus invites the man born blind to see in two ways. First, Jesus heals his physical sight. Jesus opens the man’s eyes to see birds, flowers, faces, and sunlight coming through trees. The man born blind also comes to see that Jesus must be from God if he can open a blind man’s eyes. This is a second way of seeing: seeing and believing in Jesus, who brings us God’s love and healing.Jesus invites us to use our eyes for both kinds of seeing—first to see the wonders of creation and of people, and second, to see God’s love and goodness in these wonders and in his healing actions.Let us go into our sessions to see and appreciate together the wonders of God’s creation and the wonder each person is, and explore what Jesus wants us to see and believe about who he is.

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Life Question

Who do you see in school or at home that needs help?

Gospel Question

What does the man born blind believe about Jesus?