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Tell us your FORMED story

Lisa McConnell

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Gus Lloyd on the Catholic Channel. A listener called in and spoke of how he was prompted to go to adoration right in the middle of the day (which was something he had never done before or ever thought to do). In fact, his faith in the Catholic Church was wavering. Once he got there he sat in silence wondering “why am I here”? From behind him a man bent over and said,“this is wonderful”.  The caller said he felt uncomfortable, but politely nodded his head and agreed (thinking of how odd someone should speak during adoration to him). The man behind him continued...I am the son of a protestant pastor and my father would not be happy with me being here. Yes, our services are lively and full of music and loud with shouts of the Lord, but it is only when I am here at the Catholic Church do I feel the presence of God, do I feel at home. Hearing this mans story something just clicked in me, YES, I thought! Our traditions our music our ceremony week after week it is all in celebration of our Lord and in anticipation of going to our heavenly home. The Catholic Church keeps us in communion with God. This came to me, but I struggle with how I can pass this on to others to evangelize how important not only being Christian is, but how very important Catholicism is. 


I found the way in FORMED… FORMED is a wealth of Catholic/Christian Bible Studies, talks, stories, conferences and programs. One moment you are learning about what our sacraments mean and how Jesus taught the disciples the very actions of our church today. Next you are learning about current day and how God is calling us all to draw closer to him now more than ever. It never fails that I will have a question on my mind and God answers me though something one of the speakers say. I have learned so much from FORMED and it is only the beginning of what it will bring to me. I was Evangelized, and I didn’t even know I needed to be (I thought I knew it all, but I was so wrong!). 


If everyone here went on to one Lectio series by Dr. Tim Grey, Dr. Sri, Dr. Healy or listened to one talk by Dr. Scott Hahn or watched a series Father Michael Gaitley or any one of their original series you would want to know more! Then think of the evangelization that would spread if you gifted someone else this knowledge you have learned. We need people to come back to the Catholic Church to come back HOME. Be that person for God, spread his word throughout the community and the world.