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PRAYING The Rosary

Focusing On the Rosary for Lent

We have been asked by Pope Francis and Bishop Lucia to pray for peace in the world and for an end to the war in the Ukraine.  Therefore, during this Lenten season, the parishes of Christ the King and Pope John XXIII will be reciting the Rosary each week before Mass and adding one decade of the Rosary each week to help us understand the grace that is given in this meditation and prayer.


As Fr. Zach said in his bulletin letter recently:

This is an opportunity to unite ourselves with other Catholics and Christians throughout the world who are united in praying for the common good of all. As we journey our road of Lent the Rosary is a reminder that we never walk the road of faith alone, we are on the journey together and we are united with Jesus and Mary.


Click on Rosary image to download a "how-to" sheet

Click HERE to download the prayers of the Rosary

The rite of Confirmation

Special Signs

When you are confirmed, you will notice a few actions that are different from an ordinary Sunday Mass.  Each of these has a special significance and meaning.

Watch the video as an introduction to these special actions.

NOTE:  This video link connects to a service called FORMED - kind of like a Catholic Netflix.  Both CTK & PJXXIII pay a fee to make this media available to parishioners for free.

If you have never logged in to FORMED before:

  • click sign-up

  • log in as a parishioner

  • type in Pope John XXIII

  • click on the church 

  • add name and email

  • you will be connected to FORMED.

To help you further understand the significance of these special actions, start by reading about each in the official Catechism of the Catholic Church

If your family has a copy of the Catechism, use that.  Otherwise, you can connect to an online version by clicking the image.


Each paragraph of the Catechism is numbered. (That is what the CCC numbers listed next to each action or sign indicate.)   You will find the information pertaining to the Signs and Rites of Confirmation between paragraphs 1293 and 1301.

You will find these paragraphs in 

   PART 2
      SECTION 2
         CHAPTER 1
            ARTICLE 2 / II



Describe the effect/meaning of each of these signs and/or actions, in terms you can relate to.  (Answers go in form below)

Special Signs and Actions of Confirmation Mass

  • Renewing of Baptismal Promises (CCC, 1298)

  • Bishop Extends Hands in Blessing (CCC, 1299)

  • Anointing with Oil (CCC, 1293-1296)

  • Laying on of Hands (CCC, 1300)

  • “Be Sealed with the Holy Spirit” (CCC, 1300)