The Linked Parishes of  Pope John XXIII  &  Christ The King



Faith Formation Program



Direct Prep Projects for February & March

During these next few months, you DO NOT have to complete the online Confirmation lessons - they are for year 1 students only.


As with everything over the past year, the final portion of your preparation for Confirmation will be different than in the past.  Since we cannot gather together to work on our final activities together, we will give you some meaningful projects to complete on your own.


Teen Psychologist


Your classmate is a very good person, but she says she doesn't really need or believe in God. She's not against people like you who believe in God and in Jesus, but she just says it's not for her.


One day, she asks you why you believe God does exist. You get the feeling she is hoping you can persuade her.


How would you respond to her question?  What facts, evidence or personal life experiences can you use to help persuade her?




You will create a 2-5 minute presentation that makes your argument promoting the existence and/or need for God.

Be as personal as you can be; include personal stories about why you believe.  Include how you see God in the world and/or in other people.  The more personal the "evidence" the more likely you are to make a difference.  Include visuals for your presentaion (especially if in written format)

You can submit the project as:

• A video

• A PowerPoint (Google Slides) slide show

• A written report (400-500 words / illustrated for effect)

• A creative format of your design (please get approval first)


Please fill out this short form once you know the format you wish to use for your presentation.

Any Questions?

Include them on the form.


Letter to the Bishop


Begin your letter with “Dear Bishop”


  • Tell the Bishop...

    • Who you are

      • the parish you belong to, something about your family, where you go to school, your favorite subjects, interests, or hobbies.  Make it personal. The Bishop wants to know YOU

    • About your Confirmation journey and why you want to be confirmed

      • what does being confirmed means to your faith.

      • describe the various classes, service opportunities, and projects that you have participated in over the last two years.

      • what gifts and talents you can bring to your parish community in the future as a result of your service experiences.

    • What you have learned about yourself and your faith during your preparation

      • Refer to something you learned or experienced in one or more of the following areas:classes, speakers, retreats, electives, etc.)Highlight any event that made an impression on you, or may have caused you to think or want to learn more.Have you felt the Holy Spirit’s presence, guiding you in a difficult time, helping you make the often “hard,” but “good” choice.Can you feel Jesus’s presence with you more fully now in all situations?

    • Your Confirmation name and why you chose it.

    • Your sponsor is and why you chose this person to be a special part of your faith journey.


  • Thank the Bishop for coming to confirm you.


  • End your letter respectfully, signing and typing your name at the bottom of it. (ex. Respectfully Yours, Sincerely, Prayerfully, or With God’s Peace.)

Writing by the Water


Each Confirmation candidate is required to write a personal letter to the Bishop requesting the Sacrament of Confirmation. The purpose of this letter is to introduce yourself to the Bishop and to explain your Confirmation preparation experience as well as to assure him that you are asking for the sacrament freely. All of the letters will be delivered to the Bishop prior to the Confirmation ceremony.

Below is a list of a suggested items to include in your letter.  Though the letter should contain many of the items included, it should reflect you and be written in your voice.

There is no set length for your letter. However, it should address the main topics described.  Therefore, your letter should be at least four paragraphs long:

1. Introduction, 

2. Your Confirmation journey, 

3. Your thoughts about being confirmed, 

4. Closing.

  • Please type your letter in standard font.

  • Proof-read your letter! Have someone else read it before you turn it in. Make sure you use correct grammar and spelling.  Letters that appear to have numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, and that seem to have been done quickly without much thought, may be returned to be revised. Remember that the Bishop will take the time to read every one of the letters he receives and Bishops have been known to quote them in their homilies at the Confirmation Mass.

  • Letters need to be signed - consequently, you can not email your final copy.  We need the original hard copy.

Your completed letters are due by

April 18, 2021.


as we must deliver them to the Bishop shortly thereafter