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Faith Formation Program


Direct Prep Project for February

During these next few months, you DO NOT have to complete the online Confirmation lessons - they are for year 1 students only.


As with everything over the past year, the final portion of your preparation for Confirmation will be different than in the past.  Since we cannot gather together to work on our final activities together, we will give you some meaningful projects to complete on your own.


Teen Psychologist


Your classmate is a very good person, but she says she doesn't really need or believe in God. She's not against people like you who believe in God and in Jesus, but she just says it's not for her.


One day, she asks you why you believe God does exist. You get the feeling she is hoping you can persuade her.


How would you respond to her question?  What facts, evidence or personal life experiences can you use to help persuade her?




You will create a 2-5 minute presentation that makes your argument promoting the existence and/or need for God.

Be as personal as you can be; include personal stories about why you believe.  Include how you see God in the world and/or in other people.  The more personal the "evidence" the more likely you are to make a difference.  Include visuals for your presentaion (especially if in written format)

You can submit the project as:

• A video

• A PowerPoint (Google Slides) slide show

• A written report (400-500 words / illustrated for effect)

• A creative format of your design (please get approval first)


Please fill out this short form once you know the format you wish to use for your presentation.

Any Questions?

Include them on the form.