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Prayer - Lesson 1


Throughout scripture (aka as the Bible) there are countless references to prayer.  People are described as lifting their hearts and minds to God in times of anguish, fear, famine, war and in times of joy, seeking God, renewal, hope, peace, and much more.   Jesus, himself prayed, and was an example of prayer that is never stops. He also taught his followers how to pray.   So, get this- Jesus- the second person of the Most Holy Trinity- who is totally united with God and is God Himself- thought that prayer is very important.  This should tell us something about what we should be doing…….. PRAYING………..!!!!


Here are just a few examples regarding prayer and Jesus:  Please look up in a Bible, or go online  and look up the passages that have been starred.  Read them carefully. What is being said about prayer?  Select 2 and write a reflection about what you have learned - or better yet, have a talk with your parents about what you read..


Gospels- New Testament

  • Matthew Chapter 6: verses 9-15 *        

  • Matthew Chapter 7: verses 7-11*

  • Matthew Chapter 26 verses 36-46 *

  • Matthew Chapter 6 verses 1-78*

  • Matthew Chapter 14: verse 23*


  • Mark Chapter 1: verse 35

  • Luke Chapter 6: verse 12

  • John Chapter 17: verses 1-25

  • John Chapter 11: verse 22

This is a scary time for all of us.  This COVID 19 is turning our lives upside down.   It is a great time to pray!  God is with us during all of this!     Prayer reconnects us to God and helps us to get through times of great distress.


YouTube VIDEO: Watch and discuss



This form of prayer uses words.  It can be done silently, via our thoughts; or aloud, using our mouths.  It can take on many forms- through song, chanting, reciting prayers of the church- (like the Hail Mary, Our Father, responses during mass) and using our own words.


Meditative Prayer or Meditation uses our minds, and emotions.  WE can experience a “WOW” moment and reflect on God’s greatness when we see a beautiful sunset, or on a walk in a forest.  We can encounter God, by reading passages in scripture, eg: recounting Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  And we can meditate on the events of Jesus’ life when we recite the Rosary.



This form of prayer requires no words, no real thoughts.   It is just being mindful of God’s presence.  It is encountering God on a very deep level.  When we become comfortable with someone we love, just being together is what matters.   It is in this form of prayer that God embraces us on the deepest level and reveals to us His Reality, that is understood without the use of words. 

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